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Providing Infusion Therapy in East TN

OPTIVRX Provides Specialty Pharmacy and Medicare Infusion services for patients with chronic conditions. At OptivRX, our goal is to get you back to enjoying life.

Focused on Outcomes

Our goal is to help you improve your quality of life and get back to living and enjoying life.

Our Infusion Therapy Services

Our infusion services treat a variety of chronic and serious conditions.

Convenient, Easy Access Facility

No long walks, flights of stairs or elevators. Drive right up to the door for floor-level access.

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Individualized Positive Clinical Outcomes

Compassionate patient-oriented care. Private treatment rooms. Meeting your treatment goal is our mission.

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Life Changing Infusion Services

Appointment times with OPTIVRX equals more free time for you.
Treatment for positive outcomes. Specializing in infusion treatments of Chronic disease. Communicating with patient and prescriber to improve clinical response.

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Easy Access Entryway

We understand long walks to the hosptail or treament facilities are not always ideal. Our specific location was chosen so our patients can be dropped off at the door, without having to traverse stairs, ride elevators or travel up and down hills.

We also see patients by appointment only. This means you can avoid long wait times and come right in and receive your treatment, and then go on with your day.

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Our focus is On You

Your personal health goals are our goals.


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Experience Continuity of Care when you refer to OPTIVRX

Coverage determinations and prior authorizations are expertly managed by our Team. Communication with your office with each patient encounter to improve clinical outcomes.

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How to Begin Care With Us

The Steps to Working With OPTIVRX

We see patients by appointment only. This ensures that we have time to prepare each treatment room and eliminate wait times for patient treaments.

One of the most common questions we hear is “How do we start coming to your facility for treatment?”


Contact Your Doctor

We will need to speak with your doctor and they will arrange your continuity of care with us.



We receive your medical records

We review your medical records and work with your doctor to develop a customized treatment plan.



We schedule your first appointment

We schedule your first appointment, where we make sure we are a good fit. We will cover your course of treatment and how to reach your desired clinical outcome.

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Talk to Your Doctor

Contact your doctor and they will reach out to us to start the onboarding process. Avoid long wait times at hard-to-reach medical facilities, while receiving the best infusion therapy services for your condition.